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Awaken your glorius being


To heal and get closer to yourself

Have you ever felt that there may be more in life to discover, that there is another way to live your life - or have you ever contemplated the meaning of life? You may even have felt the need to change as a human being?

Awakening - To Heal and Get Closer to Yourself will help you to sharpen the focus on who you are and to discover your legitimate needs. It will help you uncover new parts of yourself, leading you to a higher state of awareness and a greater quality of life.

Through this book, Elisabeth wants to introduce you to the best version of yourself and guide you into a healthier life full of purpose and meaning.

Awakening is about health as a state in which you are the best version of yourself. Where you create in every moment of your existence. It's an awareness of what creates your states of health or unhealth.

In order to understand how to create, you must begin with an understanding about yourself and your existence in this world. 

To you who's thinking about bying this book -don't hesitate, it's a book everyone should have to read.

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