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All tarot, oracle and angel consultations are being recorded in a video and sent to your email.

So this is not a conversation between you and me. 

You simple make your order, paying the bill that you get on email, we record your video and you have your guidance in a week. (Time depends on the line-up)

Tarot consultations

Small Tarot

General card spread made for your situation with focus on problem solving solutions and spiritual growth.

Less cards then in a large tarot.

Large Tarot

General card-spread made for your situation with focus on problem solving solutions and growth. 

With more cards to work with this spread gives more possibilities and angles on your situation.

Oracle message

What message do your spiritual guides or the choir of angels have for you?

A card spread with oracle cards mixed with messages made from channeling.

Angel Message

A personal video with messages made just for you. During the making of your video, that is build picture by picture and sentence by sentence this will lead to a movie to see over and over again.

Tarot year spread

A perspicuous card spread for the year to come together with calculation for your personal birth cards and for every month.

  • Calculation personal birth cards

  • Calculation cards for your year to come

  • Calculation your cards month by month

  • Extra cards for challenges for the year together with situations and strengths

A bill will be sent to your mail in less than 24 hours after you have placed your order. When this bill is paid we will start recording your guidance.